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The Beatles were the first rock artist to do a stadium concert (Shea Stadium)?

•  According to Recording Industry Association of America and the Beatle's
   parent recording company, estimated the Beatles' have sold over 2 billion
   records, tapes and CD's worldwide.
•  Over the past 10 years, the Beatles sold 30 million recordings, 2nd only to
   Eminem, who sold 32.2 million recordings. This is 40 years after the Beatles
   broke up.
•  On iTunes, 450,000 Beatles albums and 2 million individual tracks were
   downloaded during the first week they went up online.
•  2011 Abbey Road is the top-selling vinyl album for a 3rd consecutive year,
   selling 1,000 copies in 2011, up from 35,000 in 2010 and 34,800 in 2009.
•  According to The Wall Street Journal, Lionsgate, the studio that produces
   "Mad Men," spent about $250 K for the rights to use the Beatles song
   Tomorrow Never Knows.
•  During the 1st week of April of 1964 the Beatles held the Top 5 spots
    on Billboard's singles chart. They are the only artist to accomplish this feat.
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