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Live Music Makes The Event!

Think of the last time you attended an event which had live music.  You knew instantly that something special was happening, and that you were in store for a treat.  Compare this experience to the last event you attended with pre-recorded music.  Conversely, you knew that you were in for a long evening.  Within minutes you probably had your escape strategy in place.

Please remind people planning events that it's live music that makes the event. It ties everything together.  Five years after an event, your guests won't remember the food, decorations or ice sculptures.  What they will remember is that they had a great time at your event.  Live music made it fun and memorable!

To champion this cause, I have written articles that discuss various aspects of booking, using and choosing live music at events.  Feel free to download them and pass them along to anybody you know who books events personally or professionally.


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