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Guitar Lessons Testimonials
Rick is a great instructor! His level of experience combined with a deep understanding of music theory allows the guitar student the best of both worlds. For example, Rick shows you how to play various chord progressions and guitar licks, explaining why it is important in the long run. This approach has helped me greatly. I'm now actually doing things with the guitar I thought were impossible. He's also very patient and flexible in his schedule. Thanks Rick!

Jim Cafferro

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Guitar lessons with Rick are not robotic, one-size-fits-all. He tailors his teaching methodology toeach student's needs, age, level of commitment and expectations. He moves the lessons at the student's speed, nudging them just enough to show progress and keep the learning interesting. Rick is a true talent that has genuine interest in helping others learn.

Michelle Panik

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I'm very pleased and happy learning to play acoustic guitar with Rick as my instructor. He is very patient and explains things in great detail especially chord finger techniques such as arching the fingers and pressing the fingers on the strings so you can hear the notes nice and clearly! He evens write out the music notes to match which finger should correlate to each string. Also, Rick can take a song and transpose the notes for more of an easier playing level in which to learn the songs. I told Rick it's really fun when you can play a song you hear on the radio -- not just playing Mary Had A Little Lamb. Two of my favorite songs that I have learned thus far is "Somewhere over the Rainbow" (Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole version) and "I Feel Good" by James Brown. Hoping to learn some Elton John Prince and Fleetwood Mac. I highly recommend Rick for guitar lessons for any age.

Patty Ware

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Rick has been teaching my 13-year-old son guitar lessons for quite some time now. It is amazing how much Rocco has learned and how far he has come. I love listening to Rocco play especially after he comes home from his lessons. Rick is very patient and is flexible if there is a scheduling conflict. Not only is Rick knowledgeable with the guitar lessons, he helped with buying him the proper guitar. I highly recommend Rick for guitar lessons.

Nicole Allega

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Rich started teaching each of our children at age 5. Being on the young side, they have progressed quite well over the past several years. He does a fantastic job tailoring his teaching methodology to their age level and capabilities. We have seen him teach students at all age levels. They, like us, are very satisfied with his patience, approach and flexibility in accommodating our work schedule as well as our childrens' extra-curricular activities. I would recommend Rick to anyone at any age to learn how to play the guitar.

Jaime and Kelly Meklemburg

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Rick is a great guitar instructor. He is very patient and able to customize lessons based on the student's unique situation and learning needs. He also is flexible in re-scheduling classes to accommodate last second changes. For someone like me who, at age 27, has limited music background and experience, Rick has helped me with his tailored teaching method and approach. I'm really enjoying my guitar lessons and can't wait to learn new stuff each week. Rick will make sure that every week's assignment is challenging but not overwhelming. I take great pride in accomplishising those small challenges one at a time.

Summer Xia

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Been working with Rick for 18 months. Superb guitar teacher!! He has a very individualized approach. Rick works with you as fast or as slow as you need/want to go. Which is perfect for my situation with the guitar. Rick is a professional musician: you will learn and enjoy. Highly Recommend Totally!!

Ken Kirkpatrick

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When I met Rick, I was a novice. I had no experience in playing guitar. I only knew I wanted to learn. A few months later, after routinely going for my lesson each week, I can now read music and play my favorite songs. Rick has taught me the fundamentals. I am confident that with more practice I will achieve all my goals. Rick is genuine, a pleasant, patient person. He will provide all the tools that you need to successfully play your guitar.

Patricia Lehrer

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Rick Iacoboni is a talented musician and guitar teacher. He has patience with questions from beginning guitar players. No questions go unanswered. He is always professional, plays many types of music and can also provide the music for songs you desire to learn. I have learned a lot about guitar since I have been attending lessons for the past six months.

Diane Snacki

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