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Taking Your Music Business to the Next Level
Capital M usic captivated you at an early age. It shaped your life.
  You took music lessons. You blossomed into quite a player.

You started playing professionally as a soloist. You love it, and people love you! After a few years, however, your business is not growing.

You want it to grow. You realize it's time to work smarter, not just harder. A solo artist doesn't have to go it alone. Having a coach or advocate can put you in the right direction. But who do you call?

That's where I come in. I am a soloist, too -- an ambient acoustic guitarist. After years of ensemble playing, I started my business in 2014 -- averaging 100 engagements a year. In 2022, I had 115!

I am a good musician, but it's my perseverance that drives my business. I am a corporate marketer by day. My skills are very transferable. I use the same strategies for my music business as do for my day job.

I know tricks of the trade that you can't find on the internet. If you are open to some new outside-the-box-ideas, let's have a conversation. I would be happy to share my success.

If this interests you, let's schedule a phone call to discuss this further.

Sincerely, Rick Iacoboni

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